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March 29th, 2014

Manage Your Internet Dating Portfolio

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“Take your internet dating portfolio seriously”

If you’re serious about internet dating, you’re not just going to stumble into it like you have no idea what’s going on. You’re going to do your research, do your homework, read the reviews of adult personals at, compare personals sites and consider what it is that you really want out of these adventures. Do you just want to date? Do you exclusively want to hook up, no romance or emotions involved? Or is all of this just for practice, to get a little amusement from cyber world while you try to find the perfect woman IRL (in real life)? This all can get a little overwhelming, but if you really want to make the most of your internet dating experience, you’ll manage your portfolio well using these simple tricks.

First of all, you’re going to want to make a new email address. Yahoo, Gmail, it doesn’t matter; just keep this email address as your designated dating address. Use it to register for personals sites after you’ve compare them, and hand this email out to any ladies you meet who may want to chat. If any of them ever graduate from “potential hook-up” to “girlfriend” status, you can just tell her that you “got a new email address”, and you’re good to go when you hand out your real one. Remember, this is the email address that ladies are going to see if they want to get in contact with you. You don’t have to put hours and hours worth of thought into it, but steer clear of “coolguy1988” and “2buff4fattiez”, etc. Keep it fun and light, but classy. Don’t make it your full name unless you’re fine with these ladies tracking you down all over the web. Use at your own risk, because we wouldn’t recommend it.

Check Out Your Options


“Don’t stop at just one girl – play the field a little”

Once you have the email address that you’re going to use, look up all your options. Compare personals sites carefully, and try to figure out what the target is of each site. Some are geared more towards romance, and some are unabashed about being a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week hook-up generator. All are fine, just try to keep track of what they’re really offering and apply accordingly. Use your same email address for every site; that way, all the notifications goes to one email address that you can sort through at will. Decide as soon as possible which sites seem the most abundantly supplied with hotties that fit your type and your goals from this; spend the most time there. Again, with usernames, you want to be interesting, memorable, and classy. Remember: shock value has its place, but it’s better to run the risk of a boring or average username than it does to offend girls into never checking your profile out of disgust. In short, however, make tons of accounts. Sign up for major sites and little known start ups so you get the broadest range of potential dates possible. After all, you don’t want to have to weed out the same people over and over again.

Write A Kickass Profile


“Write a good profile to attract beautiful and intelligent women”

Take the time to craft a really good profile right off the bat. One solid paragraphs about your interests/what you want out of the site should do it. If you don’t have any interests, pretend that you do! Talk about things you’d like to do one day, where that’s ride the Oregon Trail on a motorcycle or learn how to roll sushi, put things in this section that make you sound like an interesting guy. The best part is that you really only have to do this one time! Craft your paragraph and then copy and paste it into every single account you have. If someone recognizes it from another site, it doesn’t really matter: it saves you the trouble of having to invest in them only to discover it’s someone you already discarded. Pro tip: if a woman you’ve chatted up sees you on another site and asks why you’re desperate enough to be on two, just tell her that you’d heard good things about both sites. Then ask why she was on both.

Now that you’ve got the right idea about copying and pasting your introduction and “about me” sections onto multiple sites, it’s time to craft an engaging message that would start a conversation on one of these sites. A sample would look something like this: “Hello, [recipient’s name]. I saw that you enjoy [detail from her profile picture or ‘about me’ section]. I always had an interest in that as well. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about it with such a beautiful woman.” Obviously, that’s only one way to go about it. Another would be to bring up things about yourself in an endearing way; summarize yourself in a modest paragraph and then touch upon similarities to her. We promise, a paragraph that makes it clear what you have to offer is going to get you many more, and many more high quality responses than “sup wanna chat?” ever would. The best perk about these is that you only really have to write them one time! Keep a draft saved in your email or your messages folder on the site, and just copy paste into the message box of each new woman, tweaking very minimally before you hit send. And you’re going to be hitting send a lot.


“Write a dating profile that stands out from the rest”

You’ve got your covert email address. You’ve got your stock intros, and then your conversation starters. You should, ideally, be spending no more than twenty minutes per day cultivating new finds. Basically, that means that you go to the search functions, mess with them a bit, and then send quick, easy, simple conversation starters to the first twenty or so women who come up on your search. Sure, some of them may not write back. Some of them may start out promising, and then peter out when the conversation gets going. Who cares? When you’re introducing yourself to 20 or more new women every day (rotating sites should give you a chance to let fresh women join or refresh their accounts between your searches), you are still reaching over a hundred potential hook-ups per week. This is about managing your internet portfolio and running things efficiently; you’re absolutely playing a numbers game here!

Which brings us to time management: if you’re putting in as much effort getting girls online as you’d be putting in getting a girl at a bar, you’re doing it wrong! Compare personals sites with real time, in your face dating, and there should be no comparison between effort and effectiveness! Check your email twice a day, from your computer. (Not your phone! You don’t want anyone who has access to your smartphone messing with your potential dates, right?) In the morning, reply to anyone who’s messaged you. In the evening, do the same, but also scout for more hotties or more sites to join. If you pour yourself into this too much, you’re not being efficient.

Remember, you’re running your internet portfolio like you run your business. Keep things to the right email address (not your main one, that’s for sure!) and play the percentages. Keep at it with lots of different accounts on many different sites, and you can compare personals sites to scoring the old fashioned way and be left in awe of your own smooth moves!

a really good profile


“Your performance matters”

Being as the most common sexual problem in men, early ejaculation is characterized by a lack of willful charge over ejaculation much ahead of their partner can reach the climax. Obviously, it crushes a man’s sex life, his confidence, and makes him feel less of a person. What’s more, research says that if a man releases within two minutes of penetration, he is experiencing early ejaculation. Some men are aware of their premature ejaculation. It is an obvious problem, devoid of nuance. However, the concomitant repercussions of early ejaculation are fainter and frequently ignored.

Early ejaculation is one of the one night stand dating scams. You could be the most popular guy in your university or just a run-of-the-mill employee but if you are suffering from this kind of problem, all the one night stands will finish in extreme chagrin and knock in confidence. It’s like hell on Earth, constantly vexing yourself and the various women you sleep with. The feeblest twinge, feeling, uneasiness, or anxiety can draw you near the edge without you even recognized what transpired. The consequences of early ejaculation writhe into all factors of your life. You start to feel lacking boldness and unknowingly refrain from having sexual intercourse for you are frightened of the embarrassment. You feel like half a man who creeps back to bed and adopting a fetal position.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?


“Control your emotions”

To begin with, one must know the causes of premature ejaculation in order to identify where your problem is originating. Young adults normally go through premature ejaculation during their earliest sexual encounters, but in the long run master control. Psychological factors usually contribute to this dilemma. Men occasionally neglect to recognize the connection between coitus and emotional welfare, and early ejaculation can be induced by stress, depression, anxiety, previous sexual subjugation, or a complete lack of self-esteem. Social factors also contribute to sexual function and this problem could arise due to failure of communication between partners, upset feelings, or unsettled dispute that meddle with the capability to attain ardent sexual relations.

Medical conditions such as hormonal problems, abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory system, inflammation and/or infection of the prostate or urethra, nervous system damage resulting from surgery or trauma, and certain effects of medication used to treat mental health problems are some of the biological causes of early ejaculation. These situations certainly necessitate the help of a physician.

Early ejaculation can be managed.


“Don’t be embarrassed, get some help”

Hence, now is the time to step out of the shadow of embarrassment because man, you are not alone. Investigations show that 60% of men suffer from early ejaculation from time to time and 30% to 40% usually find their release within a minute. Early ejaculation is treatable with the proper management. Here are seven tips for preventing early ejaculation that you can actually utilize in order pull through as many one night stands as you can without feeling disheartened and daunted of your condition. Ready your box of rubbers because man, you can finally kiss premature ejaculation goodbye.

Eliminate anxiety in your system.


“Anxiety can cause real performance issues”

To avoid one of one night stand dating scams, you have to cut down the anxiety in your system and master how to loosen up and relinquish the uneasiness. When you feel buoyant, you are giving in to the feeling of lewdness and sensuality, becoming more expressive and affectionate. It paves the way of giving and receiving satisfaction from your partner without the dreadful whammy. The natural method to resolve your early ejaculation is to relax your body and lessen your tension and anxiety.

Practice some deep breathing exercises.


“Keep Breathing”

Deep breathing is a kind of meditation that can occasionally aid mastery of the arousal and anxiety resulting in premature ejaculation. Avoid those shallow, short breathing which can accelerate your heart rate and trigger this problem. You can do deep breathing exercises by breathing in one deep, full breath for five seconds, hold it for about three seconds, and then exhale slowly for another five seconds. Do this for about five minutes and use it when engaged in sexual intercourse. To have sex, you need to find the right partner first. For that you have to search for the best legit sites. Find out if a site like sex search is any good or not. As shown on, there are multiple reviews that can confirm whether is a legit site or not. Once, you have found the right partner, you can proceed with further with more intimate stuff. But, your sexual health is still vital, so keep practicing the breathing exercises for better performance.

The Stop-and-Start Technique.

This method entails stimulating the penis and ceasing just before you feel that you are about to release. After achieving an erection, you should stop the stimulation until you begin to lose the erection. Start again once you feel that you have redeemed control. Repeat this process four to five times by yourself without distraction and eventually let the ejaculation take place so you can determine the point of no return. A lot of men see the drawback of this method, finding it somewhat dissatisfying. Patience is a virtue. Eventually, you will make love for as long as you like without the dread that at any moment, you will tense up and it will be game over.

Delay your ejaculation using the Squeeze Technique.

This technique needs you to squeeze the area between the shaft and the glans just when you are at the point of climax. The aim is to lessen your hard-on through squeezing. Like the stop-and-start technique, you should perform this on your own first and recognize your point of no return. Keep doing this process for four to five times until you want to release your orgasm. To be successful with this method, you have to do it for several months, thus requires extensive determination.

The most convenient exercise – Kegel.

There is no better approach to strengthen the pelvic muscles than to develop a strong pubococcygeus muscle, which can aid ejaculation control. You can learn to find this muscle by abruptly stopping the flow of urine when you micturate. Once you find it, you need to practice contracting that muscle for 10 seconds then relaxing it. Do three sets with a 10-second pause between sets at any time, anywhere. Practice releasing all the pressure from the pelvic muscle to allow the relaxation for carnal fulfillment. Perform these exercises while you’re erected.

Culmination of methods: The Tantric Technique.

Average sexual intercourse consistently seeks the orgasm, the release of energy. Tantric method means a longer and deeper making love. To prevent one night stand dating scams, practice utilizing the Tantric methods of creating a sensual connection, including when you are nearing the point of no return. If you feel that you are edging towards that point, pull out or stop the stimulation, then contract the pubococcygeus muscle and lower your chin to your chest to prevent energy from getting too high. Draw in a breath, sensing the warmth of erotic intensity spring up in your body. Repeat this process as needed, up to the need to ejaculate is no longer pressing.

Use the climax-control condoms.

The outcomes may be different but a condom with benzocaine can stretch intimate activity and postpone the big O as long as five minutes. Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic with a minor numbing effect that aids in decreasing your sensual perception and take your carnal response in a more controlled manner while you enjoy making love. You can also use the climax-control condoms in solo session to know if it can lengthen and manage your exhilaration.

Women play a vital part in facilitating men to conquer early ejaculation. With the lack of understanding and psychological support, men are improbable to gain the level of relaxation needed for sensual fulfillment. So try to eliminate your fondness of one night stands and get a fling for the mean time instead. You and your fling should learn to please each other orally while she works on you to overpower your early ejaculation. With precise persuasion, this problem can be totally treated and finally being able to take your one night stands in such a way that she moans with pleasure, once you have mastered controlling your ejaculation.

October 3rd, 2013

Best of the Viral Toolkit – 2013

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Currently the market is awash with numerous Anti-virus tool kits that promise to eradicate all types of malware in any PC. But truth be said, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the new and destructive malware that is being unleashed into the blogosphere on a daily basis. Suffice is to say that the best anti- virus today will be completely useless in a week’s time unless frequent and timely updating of the malware database is done. But since most Anti-virus developers know this; almost all the top toolkit developers provide constant updates. The top 3 Anti-virus tools for PCs are:

Bitdefender Anti-Virus 2013

  • This comes with a real impressive Rescue mode feature that enables a user to boot the system into an alternate Operating system .This can then be used in place of a Rescue CD; the big difference being that the there is no CD burning or downloading any software. The user interface is also easy to use and understand.

    Bitdefender promo

    Bitdefender promo

  • The product is capable of detecting 99% of malware in its default configuration; the toolkit scores the same mark of 99% for detecting new threats. Thus on repair of infested systems, overall usability and protection against new attacks the product passes with flying colors.

  • Comes with excellent malware phishing and blocking protection mechanism, It also offers full twitter and Facebook protection. The bitdefender offers secure browser for financial transactions and complete remote management to boot.

  • One of its faults is that cleaning an infected computer or system does take inordinately long, and there is some little loss of data once the cleaning is complete. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 7. Comes in the Business, Professional and Personal types.

  • They offer an around the clock technical support for its clients, through mail, telephone and social media.

Norton Anti-Virus 2013

  • Offers good malware removal and blocking. Norton is specifically noted as being very good at keeping systems that are sparkling clean. The 2013 toolkit comes with additional technical tools that specifically assist in removing persistent malware. One key area that Norton beats most Anti-Virus toolkits is its ability to prevent intrusion. It is the toolkit of choice for many stand alone kits.

  • It has been faulted as not having very powerful web based protection. They offer 24/7/365 technical support via email, phone or chat.

  • Also comes in Business, Professional and Personal types.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Anti-virus 2013

  • Relatively small in size. Comes at around 1MB in size. It is well configured and easy to install, it is indeed one of the fastest toolkits to install. Their malware removal capability is superb. Comes with an inbuilt firewall program control. Sensitive sites and browsers are well protected by the identity shield feature,

    Webroot SecureAnywhere

    Webroot SecureAnywhere

  • They are accused of not having the best phishing protection in the market, its malware protection algorithms are relatively new in the market and thus not many systems are compatible with it. Advanced users will have an advantage as there are numerous add on specifically for them. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and Mac OS.

  • They also offer a 24 hour technical support, both online and on telephone.

September 29th, 2013

Is There A Reason To Buy Organic Food Instead Of Non-Organic?

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Only a few years back, a craze enveloped the world – Non-organic food is bad for you, purchase organic food instead, save your health and so on and so forth. We all know that organic food costs more on the base that it is harder to produce than artificially enhanced food – which is of course true, else everyone would grow organic food. Then again, a bit more than half a year ago, the media was abuzz with the news – Stanford study proves that non-organic food is no less nutritious than organic food. Headlines then could be summed up as “you have been throwing your money away for organic goods, they’re nothing special”. And what is the truth? Read On.

What Difference Is There Between Organic And Non-Organic Food?

If you take a closer look at the study (Google will provide a bunch of links), you will notice two things. The first is that the study proved that non-organic foods are no less nutritious. The second is that it says nowhere that that makes organic and non-organic foods equal in any way other than nutrition. The reason non-organic food can be cheaper is simple – using enhancements (pesticides, hormones and other chemicals) they are able to make the fruit, vegetables and livestock grow faster, thus producing more to sell. Organic food is grown the old fashioned way, letting nature take it’s course, subsequently producing less in a time span. There may be no difference in nutrients, but what the food contains is not only nutrients.

Saying that organic food is the same as non-organic food because they have the same nutrition values is like saying a bicycle is the same as a motorbike because they have the same number of wheels. Yes, the motorbike will get you to your destination faster and less tired, but will use up fuel, pollute the environment and kill you a lot faster if you fall. It’s pretty much the same with food, meaning that while non-organic food is cheaper and has the same number of nutrients, it does some damage. Before, I mentioned that it’s produced faster by using various hormones and other chemicals. Well guess what? Those don’t just disappear after the food is packaged and sent to the store! Small remains of those chemicals remain in the fruit, the meat and the milk, while not enough to make it poisonous immediately, you do consume a bit of toxins every time you devour something non-organic.

Is organic foods better

Is organic foods better

Hormones can make you gather body weight, pesticides slowly poison you, non-organic meat includes a lot more antibiotic-resistant bacteria than organic meat, and nobody knows exactly what all the other chemicals do – they might do nothing, but they might also do something we don’t even suspect. Organic food is grown chemical-free to gain the “organic” stamp, which means it’s without all the “enhancements” mentioned above and a lot less harmful to your body. It also contains a lot more phenols, believed to have cancer preventing abilities – it helps the “food” survive in nature.

Non-Organic vs. Organic.

Non-Organic vs. Organic.


As you can see, there is a difference between organic and non-organic food, and quite a big one at that. While the artificially grown food is cheaper to produce, it loses some of its quality and gains some harmful properties. It’s up to us to decide if the price tag is worth your and your loved ones’ health. History shows it usually is.

September 22nd, 2013

Various Ways to Tell that a Guy Is a Player

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You just met this guy and he seems to be the perfect guy that you have always dreamed about. But wait a minute. Is it possible that such guy truly exists? This too good to be true condition should really alarm you, especially if he seems like such a perfect and flawless guy…because there is no such thing as the perfect guy in this world! It is likely that your guy is a player and he is putting his so many masks in order to charm you and sweep you off your feet. But don’t worry; there are the signs and visible markers that can prove your point that he is a player.

The key point in having such guy around is to stay cool and pretend that you suspect nothing from him. When such guy thinks that he is safe and you don’t suspect anything, he tends to do careless move and may reveal his true identity. But if he is truly careful and smart and he really tries to cover himself from you, there are methods and ways to find the truth. But again, you need to remain calm and careful. Although you may pretend that he manages to sweep you off your feet, don’t let him fool you…until you get the truth.

Here are the ways to find out if he is a player or not:

- Ask questions and pay attention to the details. You don’t need to keep notes whenever you ask questions about him. When he is telling you about his work, his private life, his persona details, keep all the details in mind. If he is lying about himself, that information can come in handy and help you determine whether he is a player or he is honest about himself.

Here are the best ways to know

Here are the best ways to know

- Watch, learn, and observe. Learn about him whenever you are around him. Is he disrespectful about other women or being flirtatious with them? Does he make jokes about race, genders, and other stuffs that would degrade his value? Seeing is believing; and seeing everything directly can provide insight about him.

- Ask whether you can visit him at home or at work. If he has nothing to hide, he has no problem about you coming over to his work or house; he would even be glad if you want to know him more. But when you can’t call him at work… you can’t come to his office or house, then you should suspect something. It is very shady and he has something to hide.

- If he has sad story, don’t easily buy it. If his sad story is real, then he won’t have anything else attached to it. But when his sad story comes with complaints that he can’t pay his bill, his gas, or even his meal, you need to be careful about it. Not only a player, he is probably a god digger as well.

- See how he treats you. If you are his last option contact – which means that he only contacts you when he has no other options (maybe all his friends are busy) – do you still want to consider him worthy? You want a guy that adore and respect you, so he should want to spend his quality time with you – not because you are his last option.

Want to know how to spot the

Want to know how to spot the

Being careful and observant about the guys you meet can really save you from ugly relationship, wasteful tears, and heartache. Don’t easily have sex first; make sure that the guy is worthy or you will regret everything.

September 12th, 2013

The Rules Of how To Pick A Personal Credit Card

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A few minutes in the internet are enough to influence one to apply for a credit card as the offers seem too good to be true. If not online, the media is also full of the offers and the not so careful person may find themselves applying for several credit cards just to make sure they are getting the best of all the cards. However, this seems to be a mistake as there needs to be a format to follow when selecting a personal credit card. The rules are put in place to help one select the best card, one that will be an asset to them and not a liability. This article gives some of the most basic rules to follow when doing so.

Know the card

This is the first rule as far as personal credit cards are concerned. An applicant needs to spend time in studying the details of the card so as to be able to understand all the terms and conditions it comes with. Even though it has the personal credit label, that is not enough of a reason for one to just sign the application form. In most cases, every card will have a disclosure form attached to the application documents and this form should be thoroughly read and understood.

Know the interest rates

Once the card is fully understood, the next thing that needs to be carefully analyzed is the interest rate charged on the card. In most cases, the card might say something like it has 0% interest on APR but this is normally valid for the introduction rate. This 0% rate only remains in play for a few weeks only for it to gradually go higher until it reaches the normal ratings and in some cases, it can even go higher. For this reason, it is very wise to make sure that one studies the fine print as they apply for the card and pick a card with the most competitive interest rates.

How to Pick the Best Credit

How to Pick the Best Credit

Look out for rewards

There are personal credit cards that offer the owner an opportunity to get something in return for using the card. It is always wise to look out for these cards that have rewards as they come in handy in the least expected times. For instance, a card may have a reward system that pays for air fare for a given number of miles and this helps so much that time the applicant needs to fly. The rewards vary as some will have free nights in expensive hotels and it is the individual to select the rewards they desire. Managing credit correctly Managing credit correctly

Look at the annual fee

Some personal credit cards have annual fees and this is something that one should not forget to look at. In the event that the applicant is not planning to use the credit card on a daily basis and will only use it when need be, the best thing to do is to select a card that has a very low annual fee as it does not make sense to pay more in annual fees than the amount borrowed from the account the whole year. The same case applies to the person planning to use the card often as the lower the annual fee the better.

September 3rd, 2013

Tick Tock The Time Is Right To Advertise On Facebook

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The question at hand is should you advertise on Facebook? Rather, why shouldn’t you? Business growth can be directly tied to the traffic flow of its marketing, how the business can zero in on what their key customer demographic is and what makes their customers tick. This can all be accomplished with advertising on this Social Media powerhouse.

Argument Pro Facebook Marketing

Half of the work of collecting customer data is already done for you by Facebook itself. In fact, some members feel compelled to supply that information primarily to let their friends and potential friends know what’s happening in their lives. In reality, this information is vital for business strategy. Where else will someone volunteer their marital status, political and religious affiliation, favorite movies, books, music and sports? This format is tailor made for upwards business mobility. If a Facebook member likes your product, they often times share this information with their friends. Many times the application does this for them. Friend and family recommendations are often key for what drives them to purchase a product or frequent a business. Just the simple fact that over half a billion people are active on Facebook at any given time, finding out what’s going on in the Facebook world, sharing new experiences and exciting opportunities, movie and product reviews and so much more alone should be enough to encourage you to advertise on this stupendous Social Networking Site.

Facebook should be your friend

Facebook should be your friend

How Else Can Facebook Assist Business Growth

For a start up business, just the presence of the advertisement may not be enough. However, by offering deals, contests and promotions, customer interest goes up exponentially. There are fewer places to advertise as budget friendly as Facebook. You can set your budget with Facebook and adjust it as you see fit or as your marketing budget grows, as assuredly it will. You can set how long your ad will run and designate to what people you want to show it to. Let me give a statement that no one can deny. Facebook gained 800,000 members in a 3.5 year span and is now home to over 1 billion members. That is astonishing. With growth potential like that, membership could double or even triple in the next decade. Can you even imagine what that could mean for your business? Nearly half a billion people log into Facebook from their phones. That could mean they are right at the store, talking to friends about what new product is on the shelves at that very second, how awesome that new movie is or that they’re at the bar, loving that new beer and hey friends come on down! 2 billion posts are cataloged daily, 100 million “Likes” chronicled every single day on someone’s status, that laundry detergent they just tried, the great restaurant service they just had, and for that matter, the not so great service they just had. Facebook is also a place that you can find and correct potential issues immediately. It’s Public Relations heaven that could easily turn in a PR nightmare if not taken care of immediately. That’s why you should be there to do damage control or spin it into something more positive.

Accountants for small business

Accountants for small business

Get into Social Media advertisement and marketing before it’s saturated. Right now is the perfect time to get in on what’s hot, and nothing’s hotter than Facebook.